Rally safety

The safety side in motorsport is one of the most important pieces of the big puzzle. We are aware, that we must be prepared for every emergency situation on the course and all other facilities, related to our rallies. Every participant must be sure, that there is adequate reaction by the organizer in case of any kind of problem. That’s why the rallies, organized by RBI, have wide mechanisms for reactions. Very precise GPS satellite tracking system is taking care of finding anyone on the course for seconds. Experienced medical teams with 4WD vehicles and a helicopter are at stand by every minute to reach fast the competitor in need and transport him as fast as possible to the nearest hospital if needed. A professional international Orga team delivers fast and competent communication through all the course and the bivouacs.

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Top rally safety concept:

Professional medical assistance:
- rescue helicopter,
- doctors and paramedics,
- 4WD ambulances

Rally Safety System: complete GPS satellite rally tracking and monitoring system.

Online solutions for rally control and interactive dispatch of services.