LEG 1: Across the Trakian Plains to the Black sea

After the technical scrutineering yesterday, there was a nice 7 km dusty shakedown. The fastest time was made by Geoff Bell and Mattias Adielson (Datsun 240Z), followed by just a second from Josef Jobst and Juergen Bertl (Porsche 911). These two teams strictly show thet everyone of them wants to win the title, but there are many other fast crews, and the battle just begins today.

And what we have on the menu is:

Get in the car and drive gorgeous tracks from dusk till dawn. The drive from Starosel to Dunyi is a long marathon stage, despite some modifications due to poor road conditions.

Balkan Classic welcomes the participants with a route, offering hard surface, light gravel and high speeds in the first SS. Most of the tracks used serve their purpose in connecting villages or opening the fields for. Next, the caravan will cross the Trakian Plains on fast countryroads and fieldtracks. Surrounded by the classic Bulgarian agriculture, between old haystacks and modern farming the route takes you through the valleys and across the hills of this remarkable landscape.

For dessert, the competitors will race towards the mountains, before reaching the sea, near the next camp in Dyuni.