GPS and timekeeping

Rally Safetry System, speed control and very accurate timekeeping using TAG Heuer.

The Rally Safetry System is a complete rally monitoring system based on GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning technology, GPRS data transfer and advanced cloud server data processing. Each car will be fitted with a special tracking device.

By means of sensors the device communicates with satellites, locates the car and makes each second a record of the exact position, the time, the speed and the driving direction plus many other parameters.

The device transmits every data record to our server and a special software proceeds the data, visualizing the car on a global map, following its movement or stop. Due to the state-of-the-art technology the device acquires many satellites at the same time and the positioning of the car is very accurate +/- 2 meters.

The devices stores the data record in its internal memory, so no data is lost if for a moment there is no GPRS coverage. Even if the electrical power is interrupted it makes no problem – the device has an internal battery supplying power for more than 10 hours.

The Rally Control Center is monitoring every competitor in real time.

Everybody who has access to internet – no matter through PC, tablet or cell phone can follow the rally LIVE. An extra button will appear on the website before the race starts.

Through our unique feature called Rally Replay the event can be reviewed from many perspectives by competitors, fans, sponsors, authorities. Direct comparison between drivers can be done by just a mouse click. The entertainment and analysis last much longer.