LEG5: the big winners

The last racing day of Balkan Classic Rallye 2018 offered to the competitors 4 special stages. Before the finish, there was a lot of drama, but […]

LEG4: Bell on the day, Pierrat on the top

The fourth day of Balkan Classic Rallye 2018 served near 200 kilometers timed sections. It was a fast route, but with very tricky navigation, and the […]

LEG3: marathon till dusk

The third LEG of Balkan Classic Rallye 2018 was a hard marathon, offering the competitors different types of route, fast straights, u-turns and, of course, tricky […]

LEG2 report: on the tracks of Strandja

The second leg of Balkan Classic Rallye 2018 offered totally different type of surface of the racing tracks. The itinerary near the Strandja mountain offered narrow […]

a Datsun on the go!

The first leg of Balkan Classic Rallye 2018 took the teams to their first marathon day. The rally-bijoux passed almost… kilometers from the Thracian valley to […]

LEG 1: towards the Black sea

LEG 1: Across the Trakian Plains to the Black sea After the technical scrutineering yesterday, there was a nice 7 km dusty shakedown. The fastest time […]

16 rally-bijoux at the start

The third edition of Balkan Classic Rallye started today with 7,4 km shakedown. But, first, the participants had to make the technical scrutineeering, to have the […]

Balkan Classic Rallye 2018: the motorsport is beautiful

Welcome everybody to the third edition of Balkan Classic Rallye. The unique macadam race for historical cars is about to happen from today, 17 September to 22 […]

The RALLY GUIDE for Balkan Classic Rally 2018 is online