The third edition of Balkan Classic Rallye started today with 7,4 km shakedown. But, first, the participants had to make the technical scrutineeering, to have the appropriate start permission.

In total, this year edition of this unique macadam race for historic cars, we have 16 machines, which will have to cope with around 1700 kilometers itinerary for 5 days. Many of the dream cars of your childhood are here: from the long-noze Datsun 240Z, Toyota Corolla, Ford Escort MK1 and the socialist pride Polonez, to the total dominators of such events like Porsche 911.

Participants from all over Europe and even South Africa, have the chance to ride with all these icons of the automotive industry. We will see who the big winner is at the end of the week, but, there will be tons of emotions and adrenaline.

The shakedown of Balkan Classic 2018 offered fast and dusty route, where the participants tested what to expect next 5 days. And what we expect is really strong battle, according the results that we saw. The fastest car on the route was the Dastsun 240Z of Geof Bell, who is taking his third Balkan Classic. The South African pilot set the clock to 4 minutes and 55 seconds in his fastest turn, just a second in front of Josef Jobst (Porsche 911). Anyway, this is unofficial information, tha we, as well as you, can see on the online tracking and timing page here:

Detailed information about the shakedown will follow soon. Stay with us!